Pork Loin Sopes

The sopes are one of many antojitos (snacks) of Mexican cuisine it’s basically a thick corn tortilla. originally is fried in pork fat but I use vegetable oil for this recipe, there are many variations of sopes not necessary has to be pork, you could use beef ribeye would be a good choice or chicken. Also you could make this dish a vegetarian dish or completely a vegan dish.

Salsa Tatemada (Burnt Salsa)

It’s call Salsa Tatemada because some of the ingredients are burnt (but not burn) on the comal or sauté pan and the flavor that you’re going to taste in this particular one is amazing. I love this salsa because it has many layers of flavors, from the char of the tomatoes to the heat of the serrano chiles, once you make this salsa for your taco Tuesday party or just for a grilling out you’ll be glad you made it.

Bean Puree

Here in San Cristobal are many different types of beans you can find them fresh or dry. Beans is part of our tables on the daily basis. There’s many ways to prepare the beans, you can make a soup, salad, baked and many more dishes you can make.


This is a very simple and one of many recipes for a delicious guacamole, in my opinion a simple squeeze of lime juice and the balance of the cilantro and right amount of onion is what it makes the guacamole taste so good.

Corn Cake

This cake is one of the easiest cakes that you can put it together in less than half an hour, once is ready just eat it with some powder sugar and fresh berries and to be hones you don’t need much because the cake is so good just by itself.

Candied Pumpkin with Meyer Lemon Whipped Cream

If you haven’t try this traditional candy on the streets of any of Mexico’s small towns don’t worry here’s the recipe so you can make it yourself to make up for it. This recipe brings memories of my childhood and I’m glad that im sharing this with everybody because it has a meaning to me. Traditionally this candy is made in large quantities in big clay pots and it’s served in special occasions like Día de los Muertos and Christmas and now with this easy recipe you can enjoy this one of many traditional food in Mexican culture.

Hibiscus Orange Water

This is one of my favorite drinks specially when is so hot outside you pour a glass with ice and enjoy the refreshment of the orange juice and the tea combine together. You can also serve this drink in your parties or soccer games and also you can make a mixed drink with some mezcal or tequila.

Beef Short Ribs Stew

The meat falling off the bones, the tasty sweet vegetables and the heat of the chiles is what makes a perfect stew for those cold winter nights or any night. just sit and enjoy this stew with a good bread and a nice glass of wine what else can you ask for.